visit a local market on Saturday

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Visit a local market on Saturday

Exploring a mountaineers market in the rif is one of the best cultural experiences you can have in Morocco. One of the largest Riffian markets takes place in Ourtzagh, a sleepy and peaceful village at the foothill of Sidi Masoud Mountain at the elevation of 870 m above the sea . Every Saturday, people gather from the villages nearby to sell and trade their crops , livestock and crafts and even to make deal with other workers or musicians if necessary. Meanwhile, merchants from Fez and other surrounding cities set up stalls at the market to sell products that are unavailable in remote mountain villages. The market in Ourtzagh offers a fascinating glimpse into mountaineers life and culture in the northern part of Morocco in the depth of Rif mountains. A good way to enjoy the market ambiance is to sit down at one of the minced meat sandwich makers at the top of the market with the mountain view near the berberine section with a glass of mint tea. At the afternoon is possibly the busiest time of Ourtzagh village, where locals come back to their homes in vans loaded with all sorts of products.

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