Donkey ride experience

Explore the surrounding nature of the mountainous area of jeble Sidi Masoud for a fun 2-hour donkey ride all way around and admire the spectacular view of uncountless range of mountains erected beyond Oudka Mountain the highest summit in Taounate Region from the northern side of Jebl Sidi Masoud and a beautiful panoramic sight over the surface of the First largest dam in Morocco “ Alawahda” from the eastern side and the Ourgha valley from the eastern side . Watch a stunning sunset reflected on the still surface of the dam if you get ride in the evening.

After breakfast, you will get your friendly donkey ready to set off for a unique eco-friendly experience to discover the fascinating natural attractions of the area and its surrounding and have a better cultural understanding of the local people from the back of a donkey on a leisurely 2-hour ride. On the half way of the donkey trek, in the village of Ainbouchrik you will enjoy having a mint tea served with Moroccan cookies with a local family where you will have a chance to see Mama Aisha or Lala Menana pottery workshop and get in a close contact with other women pottery makers and make sure that photographing people there is always under request and don’t forget the view of the lake from this village is stunning. In the evening you can linger in your saddle and watch the sunset.

Enjoy overnight stay with a local family in the mountainous village Onsar and get plunged into the culture of the mountaineers.
Get mounted on the saddle of a friendly Donkey to set off for 2 hours extraordinary donkey riding journey to explore the fascination of natural attractions (forest, olives groves, mountain, diverse fauna and flora, lake view …at the foot of Sidi Massoud Mountain and experience the authentic life style of local people on the way.
Stop enjoying a refreshing mint tea in Ainbouchrik with a pottery making family to get an idea about the Rif pottery handicraft process.

What’s Included:
• Transfers
• Family stay
• 2-hour donkey ride
• Mint tea
What’s Not Included:
• Drinks
•Local souvenirs


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