Discover the Art of Moroccan pottery

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Discover the Art of Moroccan pottery

You’re invited to immerse yourself in a four-day pottery adventure, delving into the lives of locals amidst the picturesque Rif Mountains of Morocco. In the village of Ain Bouchrik, nestled within the Ourtzagh commune of the Taounate province, hand-built pottery stands as a cherished tradition passed down through generations of local women. Zhour Fadli, a seasoned artisan, along with other skilled potters, are dedicated to preserving their cultural heritage. They warmly welcome tourists into their homes, offering them the chance to partake in pottery courses. These immersive experiences guide participants through every step of the pottery-making process, from gathering and preparing the clay to shaping, polishing, and adorning the pieces with intricate designs.

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This journey through time offers insight into one of Morocco’s oldest pottery-making methods, believed to predate the arrival of Islam and even trace back to the Roman era in the north of Morocco. Under the guidance of skilled artisans, participants learn the art of clay modeling, transforming raw materials into functional pots using simple tools. Each piece is carefully polished and glazed, a delicate process requiring precision and finesse. After sun-drying, participants unleash their creativity during the painting and decorating stage, selecting natural pigments and applying unique designs under the guidance of their instructors. The final touch involves covering the pieces with straw, pine needles, and dried cow dung, before baking them overnight in the fire. Join us for an unforgettable journey, where you’ll not only discover the rich history of Moroccan pottery but also unleash your creativity and leave with your own handcrafted masterpiece
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