Work Team

Taounate4Ectotourism work team invites you to plunge into the real lifestyle of Mountainous people in the rural villages of Taouate Province and to   experience one aspect of the real Morocco full of adventure and fun. We are direct descendents of a holy family forming part of the Iddrissy family who founded Fez city. Our family’s lifestyle has been characterized by practicing agriculture based on animal husbandry , farming , Olives and local handicrafts

Taounate4Ecotourism members have been educated up to university level and we pride ourselves on the range of languages we speak – Arabic, English, French and Spanish, as well as our passion for the tourism industry in Morocco. We are professional and experienced in sustainable tourism in north of Morocco, are passionate about sharing our culture, heritage and history and sharing our legendary country with you and the preservation of the environment is in the heart of our concern. Our goal is to sustain our region through creating many jobs related to Ecotourism across Taounate region under the slogan” thinking globally and act locally

Abd Samad Lahlimi

·          Has been educated up to university level in English Studies ·          Has a profound experiences at Tourism Hospitality ·          Taounate4Ecotourism Founder

Fouad Lahlimi

*Onsar Association President *Social Activits in many different Associations * Works at Techverse Coworking Space * Works at Tourism Hospitality *Educational Background: English BA Degree at English Studies

Hicham Lahlimi

Hicham Lahlimi


*Tounate4Ecotourism Founder. *8 years Management Experience at Tourism Hospitality.  * Communication Coordinator of Onsar Association for the Integrated Development *Educational Background: English BA Degree at English Studies *Sustainable Tourism Activist

The main objective of Taounate4Ecotourisme is to foster economic and social growth, in romote areas of Taounate Province through the achievement of development imperatives and promotion of sustainable tourism, while minimizing negative social, cultural and environmental impacts so please dont hesitate to take action for better change in this region.
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