Taounate Handicraft

Taounate(49 land communities ) is considered as one of the richest Morocco’s regions of natural resources and raw materials that engaged into many traditional handicrafts ,especially the textile , ceramic and dwarf palm industry

Rural women’s Ceramic

The art of pottery is the craft of traditional craftsmanship that characterizes the Province of Taounate in its quality of women’s job par excellence .Rural women have been able to express their creativity thanks to their manual skills in several regions such as Aslas, BeniZeroual and Mtioua. they were able to preserve the cachet of the pottery in terms of shape and color . The faience is modeled manually on a flat base and decorated with a natural mineral dye before cooking and drying in the open air .for this purpose they mixed animal manure.

The tajines , barbecue (majmar) , Frah, a variety of earthenware utensils and various decorative objects represent the best known products of this region . to obtain raw materials , mainly clay , it is brought from different areas of Taounate Province , including Kariat Ba Mohamed / DouarAbadine which is 2 km from DouarKdara . The availability of these resources is closely linked to the mobility of the souk, but whose stability depends on supply and demand
Manual labor is the only method adopted in production, with the use of some simple tools , ovens and traditional drums . In addition, the volume of production varies according to the seasons , for example , during the plowing and harvesting seasons , the production is reduced significantly because the population is occupied by the agricultural activity . Outside these periods, production is important, especially as artisans market their products in the local souks , nearly 70% are sold in neighboring souks : MoulayBouchta El Khammar , Karia El , OuladJamaa , Taounate , while that the rest is marketed outside the region.

Traditional weaving in OuledZem / Commune Bouadel


OuledZem, a village located in the province of Taounate, is one of the leading regions in the art of traditional weaving. It has a multitude of raw resources, including “wool of sheep”, considered as the essential ingredient in the manufacture of the “traditional fabric” for making the traditional djellaba with two natural colors: dark brown and ivory.

Plant Products in Ourtzagh and Moulay Bouchta El-Khamar

Plant products are considered to be widely used artisanal activities in the province of Taounate , especially in the rural areas because the region has a very important vegetation cover from which the Dom and the Reeds are extensively available . The plant products are varied in the region according to both shape and use of raw materials. Moulay bouchta Khamar and Ourtzagh Communes are endowed with making plant products from Dom and Reeds. 80 % of handmade plant products are sold locally in the weekly markets whereas the rest are marketed outside .As people raise their awareness of caring and preserving the environment, these products become more demanded than before because of their healthy use to the environment .

The main objective of Taounate4Ecotourisme is to foster economic and social growth, in romote areas of Taounate Province through the achievement of development imperatives and promotion of sustainable tourism, while minimizing negative social, cultural and environmental impacts so please dont hesitate to take action for better change in this region.
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