Taounate as an ideal setting for potany researchers and the nature lovers

The province of Taounate is a great work-field for ethno-botany and biology researchers because of its richness of local flora variation and the existence of the National Agency of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants www.anpma.ma which make the region as one of the best destinations in Morocco for conducting academic researches on the examination and identification of the plants for both aromatic and medicinal uses. Thus, many ethno-botanical surveys conducted on examining the medicinal and aromatic benefits of the territorial plants in the Pre-Rif regions particularly in Taounate and identifying the names of plants and their uses in folk-medicine as well as determining the growth areas of each medicinal and aromatic plant in the province of Taounate.



Whether you are botany and biology researcher or the nature lover, Taounate Ecotourism Discoveries welcomes you in Onsar Village as an idyllic setting to discover a botanical & ethno-botanical diversity between Ourgha valley and the foot of Jbel Sid Masouad and its surrounding areas. During your stay at the village, we suggest you to go on an exceptional botanic journey to discover tow different ideal settings in Taounate Region specialized in transforming the indigenous plants into aromatic and medicinal products:
This first setting is the National Agency for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants located at the rural commune of Mezraoua 20 km from onsar village see the operation of transforming the plants into a cosmetic or aromatic product through different workshops.
The second setting is the Botanic farm in route of Ain Mediouna , Ain Aicha Taounate 20 km from the first setting https://phytoprod.bio to explore a wide panel of indigenous and imported perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants cultivated there as well you have a chance to witness the methods and techniques how the essential oils are distilled and extracted on place.

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    The main objective of Taounate4Ecotourisme is to foster economic and social growth, in romote areas of Taounate Province through the achievement of development imperatives and promotion of sustainable tourism, while minimizing negative social, cultural and environmental impacts so please dont hesitate to take action for better change in this region.
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