Onsar association for the Integrated Development


On the 28th December 2018, Onsar Association for the Integrated Development (OAID) was founded as a registered non-profit NGO based in Onsar , Ourtzagh , Taounate. Founder members comprised of BA holders, rural women, civil servants, students and development planners. OAID was established with the aim of playing an active role in contributing towards sustainable development efforts in the fields of organic farming promotion, extraction and distillation of medicinal and aromatic plants, and ecotourism and environment conservation are in the heart of association interests. Its main strength lies on the corporation with other effective national and international organizations members who are professionally qualified, experienced and well known in development circles, as well as its capacity to draw on multi-disciplinary expertise and co-operation from government and non-government sectors.

OAID’s principal areas of interests are:

To empower rural woman into the process of economic development through creating many jobs to them related to organic farming, oils extraction make their products open up to the national and international markets.
To address issues related to the environment to preserve it from degradation ( bad human intervention, erosion, expansion of cannabis cultivation towards the forest area …)as well as promote and boost the eco-friendly activities which are related to outdoors life of local people such as practicing mountainous sport and exploring the biodiversity and biosphere of the Region .
To influence NGOs involved in community based activities to include environment issues and rehabilitation of infrastructure within their mandate.
To take initiatives to demonstrate the importance of sustainable development and the environment.
To improve the standard of living of local people through getting additional incomes from the kinds of services they offer to the tourists.

Our Missions:

OAID is engaged in the following activities:

Within OAID we offer a variety of trekking and hiking tours around the region for walkers, mountaineers and biologists researchers as well as we aim at collaborating with many local families where our visitors can experience a real stay with their hosting families and get in touch with their daily lifestyle. We also plan to give rural women the chance to earn their living and participate in the process of sustainable development, integrate local artisans and craftsmen, and promote bio-agricultural products as well as aromatic and medicinal plants into the process of human development.
We, in OAID, aim at building a bridge between the world and our region for the better and the best of all stakeholders and providing quality travel and service programs for international high school students (local cultures acquisition, explorative scientific excursions to the nature and join the life style of local communities). More importantly, protecting the rich and diverse Ecosystem of the region from degradation is in the heart of our vision and plans.
Youth Development: Prepare youth for their roles as adults, encourage youth to participate in their community development (life skills for a better future generation leaders and decision-makers.
As far as the matter of climate change is concerned we created a committee in association based only on giving much care and interest to the environment, For this we are working hardly to make awareness about environmental policies to promote nature conservation which is bringing climate change we are encouraging the communities to stop deforestation and degradation of natural areas at the expense of cannabis cultivation.

The main objective of Taounate4Ecotourisme is to foster economic and social growth, in romote areas of Taounate Province through the achievement of development imperatives and promotion of sustainable tourism, while minimizing negative social, cultural and environmental impacts so please dont hesitate to take action for better change in this region.
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