Jebl Sidi Masouad Hiking

This 3 hours trek starts from Onsar village accompanied by A professional trekking guide to go on trekking and hiking through Mountainous trails to explore the nature and lifestyle of the region. With more than 3 different trails, hikers can have fun, whether in the mountains, through the forests of pines and olive fields

Jebl Sidi Masoud offers a wide range of activities for both sports walkers and trekkers, and offers 7 trails where you can observe the fauna and flora to discover the beauties and wonders of the area.

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    The main objective of Taounate4Ecotourisme is to foster economic and social growth, in romote areas of Taounate Province through the achievement of development imperatives and promotion of sustainable tourism, while minimizing negative social, cultural and environmental impacts so please dont hesitate to take action for better change in this region.
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