Biking tours in the Rural commune Of Ourtzagh

Taounate region is known with the diverse natural attractions and has the varied topography which could make it as a great destination for biking .Here we suggest Ourzagh , Tafrant, kissan and Ghafsay as best rural communes in the province of Taounate for those who love adventure and sport and particularly the bikers because of its geographical variation and clean air ( Ourgha Valley , Alwahda Dam , Jebl sidi Mousoud Mountain to explore the lifestyle of local people and enjoy breathtaking views of the nature.

Here are some selective biking treks in the Region.

Jebl sidi Masoud ride: This short ride takes place in Ourtragh Commune and offers excellent surroundings and changeable landscapes from all directions while you are driving around the mountain for almost 2 hours stunning drive( Onsar , Ain Bouchrik , and Skhara villages).

  • Tafrant biking trek via Kissan along Alwahda Dam
  • Tafrant Biking trek via Lmouniya , Ain Assa and Kissan
  • Ain Bradda biking trek via Ghafsay and Tazghdra
  • Jebl Oudka biking trek via Ghafsay and Tamsnit

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