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Only a a couple of hours away from Fez City a very different experience awaits you. Here, in the beautiful mountainous areas of Central Rif in Taounate Region in Onsar village , friendly Jebli people invite you to experience their traditional way of life and diverse eco-systems in an authentic and non-intrusive way. Volunteer, join a homestay tour, experience authentic ecotourism and enjoy Taounate natural and cultural attractions as an integral part of the real Morocco lifestyle of people!

Taounate Ecotourism Discoveries is a first leading sustainable community and nature based travel company in The region of Fes-Mekness Morocco covering Taounate Province. It aims at fostering economic and social growth in the remote rural areas of Taounate through the achievement of development imperatives and promotion of Sustainable tourism with the interest of minimizing negative social and environmental impacts.

Within Our company ,we offer a wide range of travel experiences for our responsible visitors in Taounate region starting from our tourist Headquarter in Onsar village such as hiking, trekking , biking , donkey riding, comping , handicrafts hands on experiences( pottery, palm and cane handicrafts) , essential oil distillation class, farming ,and yuga ....As the tourist and local community are in the heart of our interest in the term of human development and cultural exchange , our aim is to give a chance to the tourists to get in very close contact with the lifestyle of local community through practicing traditional farming methods, experiencing their daily domestic and outdoor activities and taking positive action to the environment.
The main objective of Taounate4Ecotourisme is to foster economic and social growth, in romote areas of Taounate Province through the achievement of development imperatives and promotion of sustainable tourism, while minimizing negative social, cultural and environmental impacts so please dont hesitate to take action for better change in this region.
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