The Kasbah of Amergou

Amergou is almoravid fort build on the amount of Amergou in Fez El Bali area few kilometers from Moulay Bouchta Alkhamar mausoleum and about 50 km in the northwest of Fez. The fortress is undoubtedly considered as the most important Almoravid military landmark established (1056-1147) to defend the Almohad forces.

The Kasbah of Amergou is unfortunately a forgotten marvel of Morocco’s national heritage located in the province of Taounate, Rif (northern Morocco). Amergou is undoubtedly the most important Almoravid military work that has come down to us. It is part of a series of fortifications erected by the Almoravids (1056-1147) to thwart the surge of their Almohad opponents. Its architectural style is unique in the Maghreb. This fortified site offers the best stunning view over Dam and its surrounding landscapes as well as can be turned out into a great filmmaking destination.


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