Sustainable tourism

Taounate Ecotourism Discoveries aims at promoting responsible tourism in the rural areas of Taounate region through implementing these following commitments:

Our work-team commits to:

  • Promote sustainable ecotourism
  • provide quality services
  • Provide clear and complete information to travelers
  • Invest 3% of profits into the development of the ecological projects
  • Assist and advise local partners in regards to the establishment of sustainable tourism
  • Pay local partners fair compensation
  • Give priority to local service providers
  • Save natural resources (water, wood …) and manage waste responsibly
  • Ensure full transparency of management
  • Respect the Moroccan Charter of responsible tourism and follow the established rules and norms

Local partners commit to:

  • Provide quality services
  • Encourage cultural exchange
  • Ensure compliance with the local rules and control of donations
  • Ensure the safety of travelers and follow the itinerary

Travelers commit to:

  • Respect the safety rules and follow the guide’s recommendations
  • Save the natural resources (wood, water …) and manage waste responsibly
  • Make sure their activities do not disturb/influence the life of the animals (avoid making noise, coming too close to the  animals, or feeding the animals without the guide’s permission)
  • Make sure they are polite and respectful to the people from a different culture (asking permission to take pictures is one of the important points)
  • Respect the social and cultural integrity of the communities, the pace of the daily life, the traditions, habits and privacy
  • Avoid giving direct donations (it creates dependency and encourages begging rather than working. You are welcome to make indirect donations to institutions such as schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Stay positive to make sure everyone enjoys the trip!


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