Ourtzagh is a Moroccan rural commune located at the foot of the central Rif Mountains, west of Taounate city administratively affiliated to   Ghafsay circle in Taounate province within the territorial domain of Fes –Mekness region according to the new regional division. Its population is estimated at 16,577 inhabitants and its area reaches 159 km². It consists of three chiefdoms: the Qsil chiefdom, the Ourtzagh chiefdom, and the al-Khandaq chiefdom.

The area of Ourzagh is historically connected to   the Selass tribe dating back to ancient time according to several references. There have been many local oral narratives confirmed that the region has known the human stability since the ancient time as it is mostly believed  that  the Abyssinian and Berber were the first settlers in the region. The best evidence  of that is related to the fact  that many  villages of the area  still bearing   Amazigh names such as Izara, Tizghan, Amzo , Mezaouro , Tamdarnit…. and even the word Selass denotes itself to the number three in the ancient Abyssinian language .Its strategic position has played an essential role in settling several ancient civilizations because it was considered a cross point and  gateway to the West Plain (before the construction of the Wehda Dam) on the one hand, and to the Central Rif Mountains on the other hand .

The region is characterized by a low-altitude mountainous terrain, where the highest peak reaches up to 800 meters above the sea (Sidi Masoud mount) above the sea. The area is also endowed with many diverse natural qualifications made up of mountains, plateaus, forests and rivers …) in addition it offers a splendid panoramic view overlooking the Al Wahda Dam. The region is known for some handicrafts which has been handed down from the old generations and still practiced by the local population such as Pottery in Douar Ain Bouchrik Bouchrik and Making palm (Dom) in  Douar  Onsar .

In recent years, the region has known a large number of foreign and local tourists to appreciate and explore the beauty and charm of nature and enjoy its tranquility, or even to engage in some water activities   available in the Alwahda Dam, or to practice mountain-related sports such as climbing peaks, walking, cycling, as well as the region become great destination for those who are interested to learn local handicrafts by providing training workshops.

Beside the existing of pottery handicraft in Ain Bouchrik village , Ourtzagh  offers a great opportunity for those who wants to go back in time to discover the authentic life of the local people through learning about Jbala families and getting to know their daily lives and their handicrafts   or to   enjoy the fascination of  beautiful natural sites .It also can  be an ideal place for those who want to  plunge into the heart of the nature and discover its hidden treasures, Jebl Sidi Masoud and its surrounding areas are highly suggested for hiking up and Alwahda Dam is a perfect setting for doing water related activities like boating, fishing and camping


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