Cane and palm crafts in Moulay Bouchta Khamar


The art of herbal products is one of the oldest handicrafts known to a number of people from Taounate regions particularly in the village of Ghouzlane 10 km far away from Ourtzagh Village, where its people are much crafted and talented in making basket considered as one of the world’s oldest forms of craft, dating back 5000 years BC.

Here, KHADIJA is plaiting palm leaves to make beautiful and practical moses baskets and some shopper bags.

The doom palm is the most commonly used but the exact plant used depends on local availability as this is an entirely sustainable industry. 

Producing a final basket can take several hours and maybe days to create but the more a person makes, the faster he becomes. Basketry involves a great deal of concentration. It needs a lot of attentiveness and a soft touch on the materials because it’s very fragile. You have to be very patient, to avoid ruining the piece.

You can meet Khadija on one of our tours or eco experiences in the area or maybe even  go yourself.

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