Ain Bouchrik handicraft pottery tour

Ain Bouchrik handicraft workshop artisans will invite you for an exceptional clay pottery experience, during this unique travel experience you will plunge into the daily life of local pottery makers and explore the traditional methods and tools used for making pottery in an artistic workshop. This pottery class tour in Ain bouchrik will take you for a journey back in a time to uncover the Moroccan society culture in the past and present.

A few kilometers from our headquarter, Onsar Ecolodge we will set off for an exceptional handicraft journey to Ain Bouchrik Village for one hour trek through Jebl Sidi Masoud trails with a donkey loading some pottery making equipments to push the doors of a traditional pottery workshop and meet your artisanal chef ( Mama Aicha or another pottery artisan who will make you discover the different types of rural pottery in northern Morocco. After a briefing on work techniques and materials, you will make your pottery object under the assistance of an experienced local craftsman in a friendly atmosphere. You will start by modeling the clay soil and then shape it with old techniques. Before baking, make sure the room is firm enough, neither too soft nor too dry.

Enjoy a local herbal tea break and savor the delicious Moroccan handmade cakes. Collect your artisanal gift symbol of your experience before returning to village.

The white or red pottery pieces of Ain Bouchrik are the result of a very long work of artisans who have been practicing the same ancestral methods and techniques for hundreds years.  Ainbouchrik pottery remains the most fascinating Potter making process in the Rif since it takes a long manufacturing journey. After digging the clay called Aduka and getting it mixed with fine stones called Asgee when it gets sifted, the pottery goes through several manufacturing stages before being dried in the sun, and fired at very high temperature in a huge open fireplace called Mukkra.

Fatoum Elazouzi besides Mama Aicha, is the oldest pottery artisan in Ain Bouchrik village who has   practiced the pottery handicraft since she was child.  She has also contributed considerably in learning many women of the village to adopt this handicraft as it was transformed from their ancestors and to keep it alive up till now.  Zhour , her daughter in law,  is a good example of those  who apprenticed under her supervision and now she  becomes the best successor to the best predecessor


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